Zapaygo: Best on-demand mobile ordering and payment platform for the entertainment, hospitality and leisure industries!

Looking for interesting ways to achieve ROI on contribution dollars? I found an awesome little online payments solution that’s already profitable and holds exclusive contracts with some premier gaming organizations in the UK, poised to gain more of these around the world as it gains exposure :)

** They’re currently in their private sale’s second release — $6.5m to raise with a bonus allocation of 40%, with two more releases in pre-sale before eventually going public sale!

Before the pre-sale, for every $1 paid you will be pre-allocated $1 of tokenised bonds at no cost (offer is for a limited period) — that’s basically a 140% bonus RIGHT NOW!! Get it before this phase of sales runs out and the bonus drops to 25%!! **

The accumulative/ total amount of STO tokens receive whichever is the higher of the two points below:

· 20% of global profits
· 5% of global revenue

The bonds pay even more!

From the white paper:

Zapaygo is not just an idea. The company has
signed contracts with bank owned and listed
companies in the sports and entertainment
industries that can deliver users in the
tens of millions. Buyers of Zapaygo’s
utility tokens will also have first options to
buy Zapaygo tokenised bonds will give a
percentage of international profits. Zapaygo’s
key differentiator is its unprecedented
partnerships and launch opportunities.

The Zapaygo
ecosystem will provide
consumers and venues
with the loyalty and
utility enjoyed by other
users of global brands
like Apple, Disney and

Take part:

Note: they also have a 7-tier token bonuses affiliate program — meaning that your referrals will refer people up to 7 levels deep that still earn you rewards!



The thread continues, yet I cannot log (real) Jarett Dunn on Medium in ages ha, no grandfathered gmail aliases kek

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