Top 10 Security Token Offering STO — Initial Coin Offering ICO Marketing Agencies

1. CrowdCreate

For those of us who might not achieve the net net result of impressing other ICO agencies with a non-crypto spirit sense of barrier-to-entry in the form of applications or upfront fees, CrowdCreate may be your best bet for an ICO or STO marketing agency. Moreover, as a fully-featured marketing agency with a lesser significant overhead, they might be a more readily financeable solution or able to help with leagues and bounds of advice and solutions that are out of scope for some of the other names on this list.

2. AmaZix

Although myself, the writer, is biased — having worked nearly half a year in lower-level management for AmaZix — this agency still strikes me of one that’s worth due mention nearer the top of this list. While their application process may be long, pricey or arduous for some — it proves to sort the wheat from the chaff and get them working with the cream of the crop of ICOs and STOs. They handle full-cycle your crowdfunding campaign engagement across Reddit, BTCtalk, Telegram and elsewhere — and they offer packaged solutions for your social channel needs or, through a sister organization they helped found, a minimum spend of $50k (when last I checked, may have since changed) will allow you to engage their marketing folks and get your name out there. Compared to the top STO and ICO marketing agencies, AmaZix does fall short in that their mandate to supply engagement advice and solutions is narrow-focused.


Among the biggest names in the industry, and self-touted as the first of the next-gen ICO and STO marketing firms, ICOBOX may be a good fit for you and your needs — given that they help deploy smart contracts across chains while also helping you with your marketing playbook needs, PR and other important considerations. They advertise as a Blockchain Growth Promoter and Business Facilitator.


Bitcoin Suisse can offer value-added services that other marketing agencies might fall short on, or that you can hire them for in a one-off engagement — for instance, KYC and AML checks of your potential contributors or investors.

5. Priority Token

Priority Token claims to be a legally-compliant service enabling the tokenization of STOs or ICOs. They offer additional value-add services that others in this list might miss, like Positoning, Tokenomics and Roadshow. Their PR services are among some of the best — and unlike other decentralized organizations you might find a certain benefit in them having feet-on-the-ground in major IT and entrepreneurial cities around the globe.

6. FoxTail Marketing

FoxTail marketing advertises help advertising! If you have a budget for SEO, Social, Paid, Content, and More, and want a company that prides itself more on converting traffic on your landing pages in some of the more traditional senses when compared to other Blockchain marketing agencies, you may very well be in the right hands here.

7. IBC Group

IBC Group is one of the single largest providers of ICO and STO marketing services around the world, and they’re worth noting in this list. Although, this status may draw away from their efficiency and effectiveness — this author can tell you that many applications to specific openings on their careers site were left unanswered or with sporadic replies seeing if there was talent here in other, unrelated categories, while never hearing back after 12 emails back and forth with a recruiter. Some people will extol the virtues of working with industry giants, but I might recommend you shy away from these types of organizations as it creates a havoc while communicating among and between business units and your needs might get lost in the shuffle. You want crypto marketing services that benefit the everyman, you know?

8. Argon Group

I might caution you about working with an organization that apparently doesn’t have search result ranking like Argon Group for their own homepage, but Argon Group comes highly recommended from many other sources — and indeed their search results do rank for Facebook, Medium, and elsewhere you might find advantageous for your own reach. They are also releasing their own crypto exchange and are indeed based in the United States, which might be strategic advantages they offer when compared to others in this list. Blockchain marketing services should ensure their own presence has 99.9% Service Availability, right?

9. Official Startups

Official Startups is an industry favorite when it comes to crowdsale and fundraising, although their website appears to be down at present for this author — their name still resonates as a trustworthy and capable packaged provider of marketing solutions for ICOs and STOs. As well as marketing they provide strategic business consulting and brand management — which may be key to your campaign.

10. Zerion

Zerion is a trustless banking platform, allowing decentralized finance. This fact in and of itself may be a real winner in some people’s minds, as the movement back and forth among centralized and decentralized providers is ages-old in crypto and we all know Satoshi’s viewpoint on it. From their own sales pitch: ‘(we help enable) blockchain-based products that disrupt and disintermediate and we empower the individual investor over The Man’



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