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Free Extra Money! Really, this payment processor kicks back fees TO YOU!

Whoa down skipper, about to run far and wide with ‘scam, scam!’ I wouldn’t if I I were you — there’s sheer number of people that have been switching their payrolls to BitWage.com and I’m surprised they didn’t do this as a matter of course! When I first started switching my pays in maybe 2012 2014 I was ‘earning’ 5–6 BTC a week! The answer is to HODL and if you hodl crypto as a fraction of your earnings each and every payday, you’ll at least have some for the rainy days to follow.


The whole point is to send fiat money that you have or someone gives you, give it these guys (who have tens of thousands of positive reviews over many years). They take that money, maybe on a regular schedule of a 1/% of your pay and with all that crypto you have a whole bunch of different things to try! Note to wise: sites like , and are killing non-custodial growth for some of your crypto, measured in % APR because it compounds over and over and.. over again.


Never EVER bite off more than you can chew, ever bite a fox in the first place, or risk anything you’ll need to sustain yourself. Blockchain was meant to be a geek thing long before it was popularized.

For noods on there: You don’t have to be ashamed to say the word ‘Bitcoin’ still so it’s best to keep it under wraps — let people know you have a cookie jar in ultra-high-risk stuff that’s tough to explain.

You could set up a pre-authorized debit form to send some $ to Bitwage, adding to your continuing to grow pile. So long as you see a financial service wreck that isn’t terrified of BTC, ask him to help balance that portfolio.


Yes, yes, nothing’s ever free and there’s a catch to everything.

Yes, yes I’m an internet marketer of sorts!

No, MLM scammers here — and the mods that hate them, this is a b2b operation with one tiers but only ever one level, and affiliate commissions don’t just trickle down from the Champion on top — my referral circle here can be the only people I refer, directly to me, although there’re free to go ahead and sell some for themselves!

I’m always wanted to turn my fiat into crypto.. the allure of crypto and the many things you can do with it outweighs the funds in my pocket or coat.

Business Owners

What’s your worst day in your schedule? Seeing people get their pays! Takes money to make money champ but have I got news for you.. SPOILER ALERT save 1% off each and every transaction (transactions are whole pay USD -> BTC, then it’s delivered onto your destination (along with my scripting a script for the items to come from gSheets and those on PayPal we can automate, too))!

Let’s take the doom and gloom out of payday! The 1% bonus doesn’t sound like much, but that’s just to get you interested in all the opportunities! 10 people x $75k conervatively speaking = $750, $9k a year!

Do you guys want help implementing this solutions on your startup? They’ve spent countless hours getting their KYC, AML. All we’d need to is have people create spreadseet of their names, address, payment amounts, then stick it on a gdrive list and pay who accordingly.

Well this looks great — Invite your employer to Bitwage and all transactions 1% off from your employer will enjoy 1% better exchange rates. This means, we in fact, all get 1% bonuses forever :) This means that not only you, but all of your colleagues will receive 1% more money. This is incentive at it’s best.

Are you a person? Remember the human?

Personally, I earned just north 11k USD on Bitwage then paid most of it out crypto, at average $250 apiece and 0 chargebacks. If I had’ve had a referral account an $11k even in I’d make for myself a — a free 1oo$ in two months. It don’t sound like much, but adds up when we scale.

We don’t have to switch everyone’s payroll for you to take a % off of your payroll and send it right along to Bitwage for processing. They have US bank accounts and everywhere else you can imagine for your work to wire or ACH the money into. Remember the more people you introduce you’ll want to make use of my handy dandy bit.ly link so we can both share $5 — free — with all your new signups!

Now, I have a business account through them where I can do my own Payroll, enter my contracts and employees, set their disbursement amount this pay and in those few little clicks I can now make one Bank wire or ACH, crypto payment or even — yes — credit/debit card.

Because Bitwage convert currency say, from CAD->BTC->USD, or the other way around — it ignores the CAD/USD conversion rate and fees and gives you a much, much cheaper solution to having your regular or even sporadic income come through. I had a Google sheet in the past calculating the returns on my pays another currency and translating into $USD, and where the banks would charge 2–9% for that — I managed to get it done (in that split, very rare second) for NEGATIVE interest. By and large though I find myself with conversion rates on Bitwage that beat the competition out of the water, taking advantage of not needing banks for this kind of transaction and removing middlemen — just as Crypto should.

The other, true benefits like being tax compliant in various geos, able to expand those numbers of geos we support, our extra 1% income spent wisely not to mention better ratess than if you do fiat->fiat at the border..

This q came up today to solve my problem not being able to take anything but crypto but having PayPal, paxum.. etc.

Practially, how can we achieve this? I can create a node or python that figures out who gets what and how, we send their pays PayPal if they require it or however much crypto, then send it.. like clockwork, every week (or every hour — we need to see an hourly payment with a preapproved amount so everyone remains liquid (someone will steam this from us), so everything’s automated and we continue growing.

So, ideally, I’d approach my friends with too much money that already with bitcoin questions, describe the above, then get them to contractually sign if they refer someone.


You, your friend, your bosses will all be 1% richer when you share this link :) You’ll also get a $5 present!

Did I mention this :) ‘if you sign up and use invoicing, you and Jarett will earn 5.00 USD’



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