1. Introduction

2. Novel Search

3. Evolutionary Algorithm & Competing Artificial Intelligence Genomes

4. Money-Making Machine

5. Future Use-Cases: Conquering Every World Health Organization and United Nations Initiatives


If you take new and novel (pun intended… read on!) ways to approach a given problem, you can come up with new and exciting ways to defeat that problem.

If the problem is ‘how do we trade better than the average cryptocurrency investor, and gain an edge that persists among market conditions’ then there’s a few possible solutions: the manual way, where we learn how to react to a given situation or…


Introducing the concepts and to begin understanding the ups and downs of Bitcoin prices


There have been money-related phenomenon in the past and there have been tech phenomenon — from the rise of financial derivatives to the iPod, these two industries are not shy of revolutionary ideas.

Bitcoin is more than a combination of the two — it’s a grassroots, by-the-user for-the-user means and ends to lift the institutional and regulatory requirements on wealth management, transfer of value, earning, and money in general. Now, we no longer have to subject ourselves to the tyranny of banks and governments in order to interact economically.

40% realized, 124% margin balance BitMEX Trading Bot in LESS than a day!

**since beginning this draft, bot has increased to a fab 41% realized, 175% margin…**

Live stats!

Few hours since the OG screenshot (below): https://i.imgur.com/O5CnH9f.png



Imagine a bot that aggregates the TRADES of a dozen+ exchanges, then automates buys/sells for the SMAs of buy/sell volume across that index… wouldn’t that be super-powerful?

That’s what I’ve done!

Don’t believe me? Launch your handy Chrome in web security disabled mode (because otherwise you’ll get Cross Origin Resource Policy errors.. you can try it without, if you want…

Back from a long break to deal with family issues and traumas, starting a new Telegram group as lost access to last Telegram account, and a long-awaited HackerNoon post!

Let’s look at ways we can add risk mitigation or filtering to our order timings, sizes, and frequency…

BitMex Trend Setter

Base an indicator on bitmex btcusd and/or bitmex btcusd index.. they set trends, make markets, and btc/usd implies movement across crypto.. ‘king of crypto’ effect

Sentiment Analysis

Across a section of high-vol coins and pairs, we can rate sentiments according to topics in bucket sizes (1H?) …

Free Extra Money! Really, this payment processor kicks back fees TO YOU!


Whoa down skipper, about to run far and wide with ‘scam, scam!’ I wouldn’t if I I were you — there’s sheer number of people that have been switching their payrolls to BitWage.com and I’m surprised they didn’t do this as a matter of course! When I first started switching my pays in maybe 2012 2014 I was ‘earning’ 5–6 BTC a week! …

Looking for interesting ways to achieve ROI on contribution dollars? I found an awesome little online payments solution that’s already profitable and holds exclusive contracts with some premier gaming organizations in the UK, poised to gain more of these around the world as it gains exposure :)

** They’re currently in their private sale’s second release — $6.5m to raise with a bonus allocation of 40%, with two more releases in pre-sale before eventually going public sale!

Before the pre-sale, for every $1 paid you will be pre-allocated $1 of tokenised bonds at no cost (offer is for a limited…


Deciding when to buy low and sell high is the key to any automated trading strategy. We’ve been incorporating many theories in our bot as it evolves over time, and this post will summarize them.


Don’t buy RSI over 70 — don’t sell RSI under 30. Simple. RSIs are minutely arrays in 6 second update intervals separated into 10 instances, checked against the minutely values from the previous 14 values of bids.

Bollinger Bands

Don’t buy over upper BB band. Simple. Same methodology as RSIs except over 9 minutes.

Tiered Buy Orders Down the Books

As the price declines, and we submit buy orders that turn into trades…

Seeing consistent profits is an incredibly good feeling :)


(It’s not running 24/7, check the Telegram room for the ‘returns’ bot to see current dev/community bots…)

Don’t believe the dev bot? How about a community member?

Cheap VPS


press ‘all’ after about 15s

Case in Point

Imagine this hourly graph without the steep drops from paying fees on the green (buy) lines:

As a follow-up to this:


https://github.com/DunnCreativeSS/privateMarketMakerRepo ** ask for access **

TL;DR join us here https://t.me/themarketmakerbot

Elevator Pitch

Market making on Deribit and BitMex failed because it counted on the market to remain more or less stagnant on the 0.25$ step. We’re now looking at automating two market making strategies for smaller volume, higher spread pairs.

Market Maker Trader

We buy just above the highest bid and sell just below the lowest ask. We repeat this process, using a fraction of account…

Jarett Dunn

Crypto enthusiast, entrepreneur, madman. Brand and strategy advisor, content creation one-person supermill! https://jare.cloud

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