Introducing the concepts and to begin understanding the ups and downs of Bitcoin prices


There have been money-related phenomenon in the past and there have been tech phenomenon — from the rise of financial derivatives to the iPod, these two industries are not shy of revolutionary ideas.

Bitcoin is more than a combination of the two — it’s a grassroots, by-the-user for-the-user means and…

Back from a long break to deal with family issues and traumas, starting a new Telegram group as lost access to last Telegram account, and a long-awaited HackerNoon post!

Let’s look at ways we can add risk mitigation or filtering to our order timings, sizes, and frequency…

BitMex Trend Setter

Base an indicator…

Looking for interesting ways to achieve ROI on contribution dollars? I found an awesome little online payments solution that’s already profitable and holds exclusive contracts with some premier gaming organizations in the UK, poised to gain more of these around the world as it gains exposure :)

** They’re currently…

Cheap VPS

press ‘all’ after about 15s

Case in Point

Imagine this hourly graph without the steep drops from paying fees on the green (buy) lines:

As a follow-up to this: ** ask for access **

TL;DR join us here

Elevator Pitch

Market making on Deribit and BitMex failed because it counted on…

Jarett Dunn

Crypto enthusiast, entrepreneur, madman. Brand and strategy advisor, content creation one-person supermill!

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